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Why Scott J. D'Antonio


Our finishes have been showcased in custom model homes, restaurants, commercial, and residential homes. Scott has been a Delaware Valley leader in Specialty Painting business for over 25 years. Whether you're in Center City, the Jersey Shore, South Jersey or Delaware, Scott can help you and your home.loader

Why SJD? You want someone who has years of experience improving homes in the region and someone that you can trust. You can add value to your property without adding a lot of cost. Scott offers incredibly high quality for a surprisingly low cost. Read More...

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Commercial and Residential

You want the best for your business, you wan the best for your home. Whatever your needs, your contractor of choice is Scott J. D'Antonio. Although known for painting, SJD provides a wide range of commercial and residential services including signage, carpentry and repairs. When you are responsible for a business, you want to make sure that your customers are treated to a professional environment. Whether it is the exterior of a retail store, or interior of the restaurant, you want to assure your customers that they matter to you. You can do that by treating them to wondrous environment.


It is what we are known for...SJD Specialty can help make your home into the castle of your dreams. Whether you are looking at creating a gorgeous exterior for your home, or modifying the interior that enhances your home's beauty, let SJD Specialty help you redesign your life. Take the time to visit our Residential gallery.

Lead Based Paint Renovations

The Scott J D'Antonio Company is certified to conduct lead based paint renovations, repairs and painting activities. We believe very strongly in providing the highest quality service at the most affordable and cost-effective prices


Cabinets & Carpentry

New Homes? Older Homes? Whole New Kitchen, or renovating? Whatever you are doing with your kitchen, you know that you have to start and end with the cabinets. It is where everyone's attention is drawn, and it is the heart of the kitchen. Don't make any mistakes, make sure you get Scott J. D'Antonio to do your cabinet work. If you want to renovate and resurface your current cabinets (including refinishing and staining), Scott can do it.

If you need completely new cabinets custom built, Scott can do it. There is no better way to give your kitchen a unique look and feel.

Call Scott today, because Scott can do it!

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Pressure Washing- Keeping Your Home Clean and Looking Like New


SJD also provides pressure washing of all areas of your home, including free dirt, moss build up, weeds & weathering. In addition, we will use fill with high quality sand product to provide with proper drainage. This process provides good durability in areas not subject to ground freeze. Many contractors will "overlook" this basic, but important step.

First Impressions


Do you want to know a secret? One of the simplest, and most cost effective ways of improving the curb appeal of your home is to upgrade or improve the appearance of your front door. Whether you need peeling, staining we provide the right touch. Upgrading your door can even significantly reduce your total energy bill for the year. We have experience working in a wide range of doors, including wood and Fiber Classic. Why not contact us today to see how we can help you make a better first impression?

Pavers and Walkways- The Subtle Approach

SJD provides paver finishing sand designed to resist insect erosion, weed growth and weather erosion. We seal all areas with paver/brick protectant or concrete sealer so it will look new, longer!

SJD also offers pressure washing of all areas of your home. We clean your walk areas, free from dirt, moss build up, weeds & weathering. In addition, we use high quality sand fill products to provide for proper drainage. This process will allow good durability in areas not subject to ground freeze.

We provide exterior/interior pressure washing for all areas of your home including siding & stucco, painting (interior/exterior) and carpentry.

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